min Special Steels

All production sites within the Special Steel Division of voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH are highly specialised plants, producing cold and hot work steels, plastic mould steels, high speed steel, nickel-based alloys and high-alloys.

The Special Steel Division comprises the following manufacuring companies, all subsidiaries of voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH:


BÖHLER EDELSTAHL GMBH & CO KG manufactures more than 250 different grades of PM steel, high speed steel, tool steel and special materials, available as rolled or forged bar in dimensions tailored to suit your needs, as bright steel in coils or bars or as polished, precision-drawn high speed and tool steel. The products are also available with a rough-machined, rough ground or precision ground surface finish. Alternatively, items are available as a semi-finished product or forged product with a piece weight of up to 40 tonnes.



  • High speed steels
  • Tool steels
  • Cold work tool steels
  • Hot work tool steels
  • Plastic mould steels
  • Special materials
  • Special constructional steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Creep resisting steels
  • Heat resisting steels
  • Valve steels Steels with special physical properties
  • Steels for particular applications
  • Non-ferrous metal alloys (e.g. nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys)Products:
    • Rolled bar
    • Rolled wire
    • Forged bar
    • Premachined bar
    • Bright steel
  • Forgings: open-die forgings up to 45t, unmachined, premachined, machined ready for mounting, drop forgings. Machining of rolled, forged and cast components on state-of-the-art machines
  • Extrusion tooling


Aviation, turbine construction, toolmaking, general mechanical engineering, extrusion, offshore, energy engineering, automotive, medical technology. See www.bohler-edelstahl.com for further details.



BÖHLER BLECHE GMBH, a pioneer in the production of cross-rolled sheets and plates, offers its customers a product of supreme uniformity in terms of mechanical and physical properties. As a result, our tool steels, high speed steels, specialities and press plates meet the most stringent demands. A powder metallurgy facility is also at our disposal for the production of high performance grades with outstanding properties.



  • High speed steel
  • Cold work tool steel
  • Hot work tool steel
  • Plastic mould steel
  • Special materials
  • Special constructional steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Creep resisting and high temperature steels
  • Heat resisting steels Valve steels
  • Steels with special physical properties
  • Steels for particular applications
  • Non-ferrous metal alloys (e.g. nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys) Aircraft material


Surface finish:

  • Hot rolled, not descaled
  • Hot rolled, descaled (shotblasted / pickled)
  • Cold rolled
  • Premilled
  • Ground
  • Polished
  • Matt finish

Edge finish:

  • Shear cut
  • Cold sawn
  • Laser cut
  • Plasma cut
  • Machined



Hot or cold rolled sheet and plate Discs -laser cut, plasma cut, machined Blanks – laser cut, machined, shear cut, cold sawn, premilled Press plates for the production of technical or decorative laminatesSee www.bohler-bleche.com for further details.



Manufacturers of special profiles and bar. Using near-finished-shape, special profiles are the simplest and most effective way of permanently reducing product costs in many areas of manufacturing. Böhler-Ybbstal Profil is a competent partner for manufacturers competing for economy and quality. With over 5000 different special profiles, our company is amongst the world's most experienced producers of special profiles. Together with the technical melting possibilities of the Bohler-Uddeholm Group, we are able to offer our customers profiles that are "made to measure". Precision with a long tradition.



Railway, tool manufacturing and machine construction, leather and textiles, special machinery, woodworking, aviation, automotive See BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip GmbH & Co KG for further Details.




  • Cold work tool steel
  • Plastic mould steel
  • Hot work tool steel
  • High performance steel
  • Uddeholm offers an extensive range of tooling and HPS-materials in a wide variety of dimensions and executions. Welding consumables, pre-machined and customised sizes are also available.


Our four main manufacturing processes are:

  • Conventional
  • Electro Slag Remelting (ESR)
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Granshots

Throughout our entire history we have been among the first to develop and use new processes and technologies. Sophisticated techniques are used to control the entire production process. This ensures that all materials are produced in accordance with specifications, which guarantees that our customers will always receive the same high quality material.

Uddeholm offers solutions to virtually all industries and applications. We offer tooling materials and procedures to maximise your total tooling economy, regardless of whether you are considering quick and short, medium or very long production series and regardless of where you are in the tools chain. In addition, we recommend how to treat and machine the material so that its potential is fully utilised and the risk of tool failure minimised. The recommendations are flexible to suit your equipment and previous experience with similar materials. Thus, if you have had a specific problem with a certain process in the past, we could help you change the tool material and/or preparation to remedy that particular problem.

See www.uddeholm.com for further Details.


Precision Strip

The Precision Strip Division manufactures its highly specialized niche products at three sites: BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip GmbH & Co KG and Martin Miller GmbH in Austria as well as BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB in Sweden. The product line comprises three major segments:

  • Strip steels for the production of saws to cut wood, stone, plastics, metals and foodstuffs);
  • Strip steels (rule die steel, cutting and creasing rules) to punch cardboard, paper, plastics, leather and textiles;
  • Special cold rolled strip steel in very thin widths for valves, razor blades, scalpels, needles, weave reed, creeping doctor blades and printing doctor blades.

BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM is the worldwide leader or largest continental player in nearly all these segments. The most important export markets for these niche products are the EU countries (approx. 60%), as well as the Americas and Asia. In most countries, customers are supplied by Group sales companies. In many other countries, the best way to reach the market is through local trading partners who exclusively sell BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM strip products. The division's strengths are individualized customer care and support through user-specific expertise on site.

Main markets:

EU countries, Eastern Europe, the Americas and South East Asia.

Companies of the Division:




BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip GmbH & Co KG


  • Bimetal Strip
    We produce laser respectively electronically welded bimetal strip that is highly appreciated by the world leading manufacturers of saws. We are specialised in the production of high resistant cold rolled strip through lengthways welding of different metallic materials.
  • Cutting, Creasing and Special Rules
    Cutting, creasing and special rules for flat bed and rotary die cutting (packaging industry).
  • Rule Die Steel
    Rule Die Steel - used to cut leather, textiles and plastic. This material offers the optimum solution for any cutting application. Cold rolled or cold profiled strip steel in different alloyed steel qualities and various surface finishes.

See BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip GmbH & Co KG for further Details.


Martin Miller GmbH

Martin Miller GmbH became a subsidiary of Böhler Uddeholm in 1997.



  • Strip Steel
    for band and hand saw blades (wood industry)
    for saw gang saw blades and circular saw blades (wood industry)
    for gang saw blades and steel centres (stone industry)
    for spring steel
    for band knife steel
  • Rule-/ Die rule steel
    for graphical rule steel
    for die rule steel

See www.martin-miller.com for further Details.



BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Böhler-Uddeholm AG. It is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of high quality precision strip steel. We have been working with steels for more than 300 years. In 1670, a forging hammer was built in Munkfors. Since 1886 we have been making cold-rolled strip steel. In 1979 we formed Uddeholm Strip Steel AB.

Precision strip steel is a unique product for advanced applications. Few other materials show such a variety of property combinations. The following products are only a few examples of our product range:

  • Remko soft magnetic iron
  • Saw Steel
    A wood bandsaw steel must be capable of being swaged or spring set and stellitised tensioned. It must have high fatigue strength, high wear resistance, good elasticity and toughness. The purity of the raw material and the accurately controlled working and heat treatment ensure that a bandsaw steel from Uddeholm Strip Steel will have the right combination of hardness, toughness and formability.
  • Flapper Valve Steel
    The flatness and surface finish of the flapper valve which controls the gas flow in a compressor must be capable of withstanding millions of load cycles. Moreover, the steel must be extremely pure and free from harmful inclusions. Uddeholm Strip produces flapper valve steel with optimum properties in refrigeration and freezer equipment, in heat pumps and in air conditioning systems.
  • Loom Reed Steel
    The weaving of fine-meshed metal and synthetic fabrics demands reeds of extremely high quality. All properties of the strip steel must basically have the highest possible precision and be uniquely combined.
  • Needle Stee
    A knitting machine comprises thousands of latch needles. These needles are formed from a cold-rolled precision strip steel and then hardened. To ensure that the needles will run smoothly and accurately in the knitting machine, their thickness must meet very close tolerances. Our needle steels meet all the demands that can be put on a high-quality latch needle steel.
  • Razor Blade Steel
    A razor blade must be kind to the skin. To ensure comfortable shaving, our razor blade steel (AEB-L) is suitable for hardening and grinding to a sharp edge and it is hard enough to be durable. The razor blade must be free from harmful inclusions which could cause irregularity of the cutting edge. In addition to having all of these properties, the razor blade steel from Uddeholm Strip Steel is also made of martensitic stainless steel.
  • Knife and Scalpel Steels
    Knife- and scalpel blades made from AEB-L have a sharpness and edge retention that satisfy extremely exacting requirements. Uddeholm Stainless AEB-L gives a first class edge-tool.
  • Other Strip Steels
    Uddeholm Strip Steel also manufactures plain or alloyed carbon steels, martensitic stainless steels for springs, accordion reeds, wafer gang saws, lapping carriers and a variety of engineering parts.
  • Coater, Crêping and Printing Doctor Blades
    Uddeholm Strip Steel manufactures finished products for applications in the Paper and Printing industries. Accurate straightness and flatness are the two most essential criteria for optimum performance. By producing our own special steels for all of these blades, we are able to maintain a very high and consistent quality in carbon, stainless and tool-steels. Our blades meet today's exacting customer demands around the world. In particular, our new wear resistant long-life blades, developed from our tool steels, enable customers to enjoy increases in productivity, as well as better qualities of both paper and printing. Longer runs between blade changes means less down time. For the printers, the finely dispersed microstructure of the long-life grades enable less pressure to be used against the expensive engraved cylinder in order to remove surplus ink. Coater Blades and Crêping Blades made from these new long-life materials also very much benefit the paper making mills, by reducing down time and improving the consistency and quality of the paper in these very expensive to run plants.

See BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB for further Details.

Buderus Edelstahl Band Gmbh

Buderus Edelstahl Band –a name recognized throughout the world for production and processing of high quality special strip steels. The highest standards of quality and absolute reliability are always the prime considerations for Buderus Edelstahl Band Gmbh of Wetzlar. Because of the special quality features of our products, they are used principally in high technology applications such as automotive –supplier electrical ,tooling ,saw and cutlery industry. We support our customers with advice on applications of all kinds, on the basis of the compressive expertise derived from handling the entire process from melting through to the end product complete at location Wetzlar effected. The success of Buderus Edelstahl Band is based on our assurance of high service standards, flexibility and responsiveness .further supported by a transparent scheduling and quality assurance system. At Buderus we accept no compromise in meeting our customer’s requirements.


Buderus ISO-B steels

One of the main requirements of for the production of high purity Buderus cold rolled strip is the carefully balanced secondary metallurgy in the ladle furnace and vacuum degassing. The main metallurgical process such as desulfurization and modification of inclusions are achieved by special calcium treatments in order to meet the numerous requirements of cold rolled strip. Buderus ISO-B steel have a considerably higher degree of .purity than conventional arc furnace steel. Retained inclusions are extreme finely distributed ,and even after severe hot and cold forming do not reveal any significant stringers, and the nodular inclusion morphology is of prime importance for isotropic behavior of the material. The maximum sulfur content of Buderus ISO-B grades is 0.003%. The average is 0.002%.

SEE  BUDERUS Edelstahl Band GmbH