• Works worldwide
  • The fine art of making special steel
  • The world's hardest high speed steels
  • Works worldwide
  • The sky is no limit
  • The world's cleanest plastic mould steels

„We practice customer intimacy”

We put customer satisfaction at the center of our attention. Our customers’ success is the foundation for our own success. Therefore, the goal of all our efforts is to create value together with our customers.      

Böhler Uddeholm

Adding Value to Your Business


Understanding your needs is the key to developing and refining a finished product that not only meets your requirements, but also presents an answer to possible challenges before they arise. Great material knowledge and understanding your production environment is always the starting point. With the most advanced tool steel, your production and high-end technology are no longer suppressed by material limitations and good-enough quality. Uddeholm AM Corrax is the stepping stone that transforms your high expectations into a value adding solution.

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